2b or not 2b -Following the News Hype

There has been a burst in numbers of News channels in the recent years. All claiming to be fast, precise and important to all. Is it helping us?

Yes and no.

I see myself as an island of thought with my own principle, culture and with acceptable and unacceptable things in it. When I see some other island of thought I see it is different. And I know that most of my island was made from others’ island. I claim the trees of my island as mine but forget that the tree is the making of soil which came from others.

Being aware about this dependability; it is a lie to say that I have a thought which is mine. It is also irresponsible to claim that the thought is not my making.

In this era of news torrents I want to make my opinions. I want to help others make their opinions. But it is becoming difficult day-by-day to comprehend all the aspects of an event. It has become a fight of noises above reasons and experiences. Somehow the loudest is heard and loudness is encouraged.

Reasons and experiences are the basis for anyone to make a choice. The academic weightage often goes only to the reasons and the experiences of the individuals which often get ignored.

I have decided to go with my experience associated with an event rather than a reason advertised by news hypes. This brings clarity to my action and helps me avoid overburdening myself with information.

There is a caveat in this thought process, i.e., if I only think about my experiences I will always be selfish in my endeavour. In order to avoid this caveat I propose a thought process of inclusiveness, which demands an article of its own. But in short it goes with the understanding that:

The trees of my island is mine but the tree is the making of soil which came from others.


It’s personal – Insult

shield-girlFeeling insulted is one’s personal choice. I know this sounds difficult to digest but every time I think about it I come to the same conclusion. Looking back I can see I’ve felt insulted for the silliest of things and have ignored some of the most brutal ones.

What would trigger an insult depends on the life experience of the person at the receiving end. I remember a friend who felt insulted when my teacher told him that he is as dumb as the wooden duster. He became furious and stormed out of the class to complaint to our head master. This was the first time someone had done something like this in my class. I don’t know if the teacher or the student was right or wrong, but I would definitely say one thing, that “insult is a personal thing”.

This is the state of mind where one feels challenged for what he couldn’t or cannot do. I’ve heard that some people have mastered their emotions and don’t feel insulted on derogatory remarks. If that is true I’m yet to reach this stage, hence I too feel insulted many times. I’ve also heard of a story where a peasant destroyed a king because of his ill-treatment.

For me feeling insulted is one of those experience that I want to use to my advantage. Like anger I feel this can also be channelized constructively. After all there is every chance that the person who insulted me is totally unaware that he/she did so. And feeling angry about it will not help me. The only way I can shield myself for the future is to see the truth (if there is any) in the insult and improve on it. Or simply ignore it and remain the same.

In the past I’ve learnt many things because I was insulted by someone. Though I don’t look forward to it, I surely welcome a truthful criticism which on one hand may insult me but help me become better.

Since this is an extremely personal matter and many may feel insulted for being direct this is my two-cent for them to decide what they want to do.

Contentment vs Desire

Content: (adj) in a state of peaceful happiness; (n) a state of satisfaction.

Desire: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

I’ve asked myself this question many times and often find swinging between extremes of contentment and desire. Often they are mutually exclusive.

I enjoy the state of content, it is peaceful and there is a special happiness associated with it. In my experience this is not the state of mind where I accept everything as it is and think it is alright the way it is right now. Rather it is a feeling of completeness both in physical and mental form. It is the feeling one gets while running in to the early morning breeze, riding a bicycle or playing a game of sport for fun. There have been thousands of such instances in my life where I fully enjoyed that moment of my life despite knowing that it didn’t add any value to my daily life, it didn’t take me to places. Maybe that is why it feels liberating, peaceful, happy and complete.

On the other hand I’ve noticed that desire has been the driving force in my life. That is to say, it has been driving me to do things and go places. Do I feel happy about it? Yes. More so when that desire materializes. It makes me set a goal and put my efforts to reach it. It makes me focus and ignore those things which do not contribute towards reaching the goal. It is exclusive in nature and makes me cut though my thought and actions to see and do only that which is necessary for the goal.

Now that brings me to the debate I’ve been having with myself. Should I strive to experience such state of content or should I put myself into a drive mode of desire. To be fair I’ve had situations where I have set a goal and yet felt content while reaching it. On disecting such situation I find that it was only when I was content with my inner existance. The goals merely become an external expresion of myself.

2B or Not 2B – Different

This is a series of thought I’ve had when having a dilemma “To be or not to be” something.
Since being different is considered a common sense I’m attempting to question this assumption. Today, more than once this thought has crossed my mind that I am different yet not.

2b or not 2bI mean I am a unique set of experience gathered upon for years, imprints and impressions of various situation from my unique perspective of happenings. There should be no doubt that my perception of life is not shared by anyone in the past, present or  in the future.

Even my physical traits are unique. The combination of muscle and bone, and the scars and the deformations, all are unique to me. Although I am sure that everything that I call myself right now, in this moment, is changing the next moment, I am certain of the fact that I am different from rest of others (even though I am not sure about the changes that are yet to come).

By definition uniqueness demands that it needs to be looked at with a sense of differentiation. Hence anything which is unique has to be different. On the other hand when I look at others I can clearly see that they are also unique, or in other words different. I guess this universality of uniqueness makes it feel that our difference is not so different after all. We all are different and unique but still are all the same.

The Thirties advantage

If I cannot do it now I can never do it later. This is what I remind myself regularly. This is what’s making me get up every morning and try to achieve the best out of the day, and in turn best out of me.

In my teens and twenties I felt invincible and I knew the sky was the limit, energy flew through me easily. I could play sport 2-3 hours a day every day after study or work. Physical injuries were common and healing too. I loved to eat a lot and sleep for long whenever possible. There was definitely a sense of looking-forward-to-the-next-day thinking that my mental and physical strength would increase, that I will have more strength tomorrow than today. Well, now in thirties all these assumptions are becoming false.

Now the fact is that injuries are less common as healing has started taking more time, appetite and sleep has reduced. And those long term injuries that I suffered in Twenties demand a fair share of attention while doing everyday adventures. Yes, adventures are still part of my life but somehow they have been restricted and more planned.

Life is different now. Intellect is higher than the physical part of my work. Which is actually a reflection of my age. I know that sooner or later my intellectual ability will also start deteriorating as I go into the routine of life. I know that my strengths, which I considered as strength all this while, will not be there with me for ever and the waning of it will be slow.

I still do things to the best of my abilities, with the experience life has thrown at me I’m able to get through most of the life’s challenges gracefully. In this giant wheel ride I know some day when the ride is about to get over I will be at the bottom. That would be the end-of-game but I don’t want to finish the ride without enjoying it thoroughly.

Do it now

Although it is impossible to see the future the fact of the present is:

If I cannot do it now I can never do it later. This is what I remind myself regularly. This is what’s making me get up every morning and try to achieve the best out of the day, and in turn best out of me.

Independence Day

Just like the earlier years many people sent me a message asking me to wear our Indian flag a week before our Independence day. I’m sure this sudden patriotic appeal is considered by others as good and in positive spirit. But it doesn’t stop here.

There were more requests:

  1. Wear the flag on your left chest and not on the right as it is closer to the heart.
  2. Forward any patriotic song on YouTube, Facebook and other social sites.
  3. Wear and use only those goods which were made in India.
  4. Change your profile picture to Indian flag, etc., etc.

Are we responsible enough to be independent?

I ask a simple question to those who send such requests: Do you know the meaning of Independence?

This is what “independent” means: Self-Governing, free, not depending on another’s authority. This is what “independence” means: State of being independent and/or Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some part thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory. Independence does not necessarily mean freedom. – Wikipedia

It means when one feels patriotic he should ask everyone to become more responsible about their actions and see how it impacts us. I would start being responsible and reflect on my actions and its effects on:

  1. myself (since one who does not know how to be independent by himself/herself cannot understand what independence of the country means)
  2. my family & relatives
  3. my friends and acquaintances
  4. my society
  5. my state
  6. my country and then
  7. the world

Independence day is the day we celebrate our countries independence and I wish to celebrate it with my whole heart. I wish that you too celebrate it the same way so let me wish you for this independence day.

Happy independence and may you be responsible.